Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Red Box

If you haven't discovered Red Box, you should! Red Box is a movie rental kiosk where you can rent movies for $1 per day. Rent a movie for $1 and you have until 9 p.m. the next day to return it. Go here to sign up to receive email updates and receive a promo code for a free rental. If you sign up to receive text updates, you'll receive Monthly Monday Movie updates (which usually includes a free rental code).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Promotional Gifts Cards

Right now there are many companies that are offering a promotional gift card when you buy gift cards. (A promotional gift card is usually a gift card that has a 30-60 day expiration date. Although some promotional gift cards do not have an expiration date...depends on the company). Here are a few that I know about. Feel free to leave a comment about others that you know about.

Taco Cabana - Buy $25 in gift cards, receive a $5 promo gift card
Little Caesars - Buy $25 in gift cards, receive a $5 promo gift card
The Container Store - Buy $100 in gift cards, receive a $25 promo gift card
The Melting Pot - Buy a $100 gift card, receive $100 gift card in gift certificates
Fish City Grill - Buy $100 in gift cards, get $20 free
Chick-fil-a - Buy $20 gift card, get a free chick-fil-a calendar (each month has a free item coupon)
Kroger - Buy $100 worth of gift cards from their "gift card center" and get $10 off at the checkout.

I know there are more out there. Feel free to let others know by commenting!