Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pharmacy Coupons

The flu has been to our house this week and we got to spend some money at the CVS pharmacy. Before I went to pick up my prescriptions, I did an online search for pharmacy coupons. And I found one! It was a coupon for a $25 gift card on a transferred prescription at CVS. I had 3 prescriptions and all of them were new but I thought I would take the coupon and try it. The pharmacy tech took the coupon and I received a $25 gift card. (The $25 doesn't even begin to compare on how much I spent on the prescriptions but at least it was something).

CVS advertises that they will accept all competitor pharmacy coupons. (Competitor means that there is a brick & mortar store nearby. They usually don't accept coupons from online companies or retailers that do not have any stores in the area). So if you see pharmacy coupons in the paper, ads, etc., clip them and hold on to them. You never know when you might need a prescription filled. And if you don't get your prescriptions at CVS, find out if and what coupons your pharmacy will accept.

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