Friday, March 27, 2009

Freebies - Getting Started

I like freebies. I've gotten all, haircare, cleaning products, clothing, etc. I have a stash of personal care "samples" (shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, floss, face care, etc) at my house that are perfect for when I travel. That way, you don't have to pack your full size products, you can just grab a little sample product. (Plus, you can try it out and see if you really like it). I find most of these freebies online. If you like the thought of getting freebies and want to start receiving them, here are some suggestions.

* Set up a separate email account. When you sign up to receive something free, they will ask for your Name, Address, and Email address. The company will use your email address to send you updates on their products, etc. Most companies do not sell their "list". But, on occasion, one will and then you will start receive random emails from other companies. I set up a separate email account that I use when I sign up for freebies. That way, I can keep my main email inbox clean and it won't be cluttered with junk. (I've been doing this for years...I get around 45-60 emails...sometimes more... PER DAY. I don't want all of that in my personal/home email account!) There are several different places you can get a free email sign up!

* Don't use your first name. When signing up for a freebie, use a nickname or middle name. I use my middle name (I never receive personal mail addressed to my middle name). By doing that, I know that when I receive a piece of mail addressed to my middle name, I know it is something I signed up for on the web. Or there are times, that my "info" has been sold to a random company and they will send out junk mail. If I have mail addressed to my middle name and it does not include a sample or coupon, then it goes directly into the recycle bin. (I don't have to worry about it being a personal piece of mail that needs my attention).

* Never give out your credit card, bank info, or social security number for a freebie/sample. A freebie/sample is just that...FREE. The company only needs your name and address to mail you the freebie and your email to send you their product info. (sometimes, they do ask for the year you were born to make sure you are over 13 or 18 and they may ask if your male/female for marketing purposes). If they want other info from you, you don't need to sign up for that product.

* When you are signing up for a freebie, you may have to register for an account (which includes your name, address, email, and possibly some other questions) but it also may ask you to create a user name and password. If it's a company that you like, feel free to do it. You may want to go back to their website for product info or to get more freebies.

* If you register for an account, keep a list of your login/password info so that you can reference it when you go back to that website.

So, those are some basic suggestions for getting started on freebies. Here are some freebies I came across:

- Walmart has a sample of Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
- Juicy Juice is offering a free sippy cup when you join Juicy


  1. Do you use - Tons of freebies on there.