Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Food

If there is a restaurant you enjoy, check online to see if there is a special "club" for you to join. Many times there is an "email club" or a "birthday club" that you can sign up for to get special offers, coupons, and free food. Here are a few:

* Chili's - coupon for a free chips and queso (with purchase of entree) when you sign up. Plus, you may also get special birthday coupons.
* On The Border - coupon for a free appetizer when you sign up. They may also send another coupon on your birthday.
* Dickey's BBQ - coupon for a free yellow cup drink with your purchase.
* Pizza Hut - coupon for a free dessert (with pizza purchase) on your birthday.
* Cold Stone - coupon for a free ice cream on your birthday.

If I know we are going out to eat at a restaurant, I try to plan in advance...check online for coupons, sign up for any email clubs, and hope to get a deal! :o)

If you do this, don't forget to use your "free" email account so that your main email inbox doesn't get too full!


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