Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Price Matching

There are more stores that are starting to offer price matching. It might take a little more effort for you to search the ads and then use them at the store but doing so will save you money! Wal-mart has always done price matching. When I price match at Wal-mart, I take my other store ads with the product and price circled and I check out, I give the cashier the items and the ad(s). It's pretty easy. In Target's weekly ad, they advertised that they price-match. My understanding is that you purchase your items at "Target price" and then go to customer service with your ad and your Target receipt and they will adjust your purchase price. Best Buy also does price matching (which is great when you are trying to make a "big" purchase).

Note: when price matching you have to buy the item listed in the ad (correct brand and size). The store matches the ad price. Most stores do not honor % off, buy X and get $ off your purchase, or buy X and get X free.

Are there other stores where you do price matching?

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