Thursday, August 6, 2009

Try'll like it!

That is something I tell my kids often...I thought it might be appropriate for the next few posts. :o)

There are a few websites that I use on a regular basis to earn free stuff. They are legit and easy to use. Here's the first...

SWAGBUCKS - I've mentioned this one before but it is so seriously easy, I wanted to mention again. Just sign up for an account and every time you want to do a search on the web, do it through swagbucks. You'll earn swag"bucks" on random searches. (you'll know if you earned them...a message will pop up saying "congratulations, you earned xx swagbucks") Anytime I want to do a web search, I just go to swagbucks (actually I installed the swagbucks search on my toolbar so it's there all the time) and type in my search. Sometimes I earn swagbucks, sometimes I don't. But it's easy to do and they accumulate quickly. When you are ready to redeem, just go to the swag store to redeem. You can redeem for merchandise, music downloads, gift cards, etc. I love the, Starbucks and Barnes & Noble gift cards! So try it! It's like getting free stuff for doing your web searching! (oh, and swagbucks search results are google and

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