Thursday, March 11, 2010

FREE Money!

If you purchase anything online and haven't signed up for Mr. Rebates yet, you need to do it! It's free money!

When you are ready to do an online purchase, simply go to the Mr. Rebates website, search the store you are looking for, click on that store and the store information will come up. It will have the rebate percentage you will get back for making a purchase as well as any coupon codes that are available for that store. Then you click on that store and Mr. Rebates will link you to that store. I have looked into MANY cash back sites and rebates sites and I keep coming back to Mr. Rebates. They seem to have the highest percentage cash back...and their coupon codes are always up to date.

When you make a purchase the rebate percentage will go into your account (may take up to 7 days of when the item is purchased or shipped). Once the money is in your account, it will be considered "pending" for up to 90 days (to make sure you don't have any returns). After 90 days it will be considered "available". When you are ready to "cash out" (you need $10 available in your account), you can request a check or have it sent via paypal.

If you haven't signed up, go Mr. Rebates here and get an extra $5 added to your account. That's free money!

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